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Lean, Clean and Green…….

The news is all over it. We are inundated with messages about global warming, greenhouse gasses, pollution, waste, inefficient use of energy, unsustainable development, environmental damage and much more. And it is not just radical environmentalists making all the noise. Today forward-looking business people, investors, politicians and community leaders are jumping on the bandwagon – realizing that it makes practical economic sense to go….. “Lean, Clean and Green.”


Extensive world-wide regulation of the Steel Industry is inevitable. Woefully little progress has been made – some still using technologies that are nearly 100 years old. The world will continue to need steel products but we believe we can do better. Much better. More efficient, cleaner and more environmentally friendly technologies are being developed. And more are just around the corner.

It’s our children’s future. That’s why NexGen Steel is staking its own future on the Lean, Clean and Green business model. We intend to be at the forefront of positive change. It can be done quite profitably and it’s simply the right thing to do.

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