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Lower Energy Lower Emissions Lower Cost

Lean, Clean & Green….

Today forward-looking business people, investors, politicians and community leaders are jumping on the bandwagon – realizing that it makes practical economic sense to go….. “Lean, Clean and Green.”

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High Quality Products Produced With Lower Manufacturing and Capital Equipment Costs

Those who follow the steel industry are all aware of the surge in mergers. The ultimate result of this activity will be that a few major steel companies will hold the world hostage by ever increasing prices. The same may be said about the oil producers of the world.

It would be significant to note that our products, carbon steel flats and longs, are commodity items, with some 15,000,000 tons consumed annually in the U.S. Our contention is that if a company could sell this product for 5% below the market, they will be able to sell all it can produce.



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