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Lean, Clean & Green….

Today forward-looking business people, investors, politicians and community leaders are jumping on the bandwagon – realizing that it makes practical economic sense to go….. “Lean, Clean and Green.”

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NexGen Steel Is Committed To Environmental Responsibility

Our focus is to reduce, or where possible, eliminate all significant emissions contributing to global warming or residue deposits. NexGen Steel will work with Universities, Research Organizations and scientists around the world to gain the technology and methodology to achieve its steel manufacturing objectives and reduce, or where possible, eliminate all significant emissions so as to keep our air, water and ground unpolluted. We are already in negotiations for an exclusive U.S. license with a research company that will help NexGen achieve many of its objectives. When appropriate, we will fund research deemed necessary for the accomplishment of company goals.

We see environmental sensitivity as a sound business practice and part of being a good neighbor and world citizen.



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